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Six Sigma is a widely used technique for improving the efficacy and productivity of business processes. Six Sigma, in addition to developing a continuous process management philosophy, develops processes and practices that minimize variance, remove complications, and help in identifying the root cause of mistakes, helping Companies to deliver high-quality products and services for consumers.

Although most people equate Six Sigma with engineering, the methodology can be applied to every kind of process in every sector. Six Sigma is used in all enterprise settings to build a control system that identifies and eliminates mistakes automatically.

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What Does Six Sigma Mean?

Experts agree that Shewhart was the first to propose that any process vector that deviates three sigmas from the mean be modified. One sigma is equal to one standard deviation. Six Sigma allows operations to be carried out in compliance with a “six sigma” norm, which equates to 3.4 errors per million openings. Continuous process management attempts to simplify systems such that they deliver stable and reliable performance. Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology that uses tools and techniques to identify and analyze each process stage. It goes into techniques for improving business system performance, process efficiency, and bottom-line gains.

What Would You Expect To Earn As A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?

Become an Organizational Consistency Champion. At Lean Six Sigma Experts in Monroe, Louisiana, you will secure your place in our next public initiative and learn about job opportunities that will help both you and your Company.

According to, the average salary in the United States for someone with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is $101,500. (as of July 30, 2019). The average wage varies from $83,100 to $109,300 and is determined by several variables, including certificates, experience, the number of years spent in one’s primary profession, and the industry in which one operates. According to ASQ’s Quality Progress Wage Survey, a trained Lean Six Sigma Green Belt receives a gross compensation of $95,261, with LeanĀ  Six Sigma Green Belts receiving over $10,000 more than Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts.

Is Lean Six Sigma Only Effective In Industrial Organizations?

The advantages of implementing Lean Six Sigma are common for all Companies, independent of industry. Are the problems within the service sector different from those within the manufacturing sector? Will they have a different view of customers? Service firms perform their operations at the client’s convenience. The industry’s apprehension over Lean Six Sigma deployment is tangible. “Every consumer is unique,” according to some service sector experts. It is completely right, and as a consequence, Lean Six Sigma might not be sufficient for all service operations. It may be extended to the majority, if not all, service propositions or functions with slight modifications.

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Many people in the service business complain that “we are a people-driven industry,” that “all outcomes are unreliable,” or that “Lean Six Sigma is too technical.” After all, these are only words! From major financial firms including Bank of America to healthcare providers, Lean Six Sigma applications also assisted these Companies in providing high-quality services on schedule and on budget. Ask Lean Six Sigma Experts in Monroe, Louisiana today for a free quote.

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